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How to save 200€ in a day.

Spend the perfect day in Ibiza on a budget.

Your holiday in Ibiza can get a little bit out of hand very easily. And we have all been there. We want to live our best life, don't want to worry about money and want to enjoy every second of our holiday... but don't want to spend 500€ every day.

No worries, here comes your rescue boat!

Let us show you how to spend the perfect day on a budget in Ibiza.

And how to save at least 200€ living your best life.

Aaaaand the solution iiiiis... *drum roll*

Our day trip to Formentera!

Now you may think "Ok guys, nice joke, the day trip costs 99€... how can you say that this is how I save money?"

99€ might sound expensive at first... and of course it's a lot of money. But let's calculate how much you would pay for each of the included activities and extras:

  • You have open bar for 5 hours with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. A glass of sangria or a beer in a beach bar is at least 5€. Let's say you drink 6 glasses in 5 hours, that's 30€ for drinks. (Haha nice joke, we know... 6 glasses in 5 hours in Ibiza). Then you also want to have some water (don't forget to stay hydrated!), so you pay at least 10€ for 2 bottles. That makes 40€ for drinks (if you don't live your best life, obviously...). But with us, you can drink as much as you want.

  • You have a 4 course traditional Ibizan menu included with home-made Paella mixta, fresh salad, Ibizan country bread (Pan Payes), award-winning vegan burgers by Rona's Deli (TripAdvisor's #1), seasonal fruits, Greixonera (Ibizan pudding cake) and Ensaimadas (Ibizan pastry). In a normal restaurant you would pay at least 60€ per person for this.... probably more.

  • You have SUP boards during the swim stop. Renting those normally costs approx. 40€-60€ for 2 hours per person.

  • You have professional full face snorkelling equipment during the swim stop. Buying this costs 30€ per person.

  • You have the ferry to and from Formentera included. This costs normally 30€-50€.

So, normally all the included activities would cost at least 300€.

Probably more (because you probably wanna drink more than 6 glasses in 5 hours right? And maybe you don't want to order the cheapest sangria and get the cheapest snorkelling equipment... etc. You get the point).

With us, you only pay 99€!

That means you save at least 200€ and don't have to worry about anything for a day because everything is included!

Now it doesn't sound that much anymore right?

Do you wanna live your best life now?

Get your tickets for our Formentera Day Trip now. They are limited and likely to sell out!

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