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67WOWstang - Picture me rollin'.

Take your Instagram feed to the next level.

During our boat tour, we already see some of the most amazing spots, must-sees and best beaches in Ibiza and Formentera where you can take stunning pictures.

To take your holiday and Instagram to the next level, we have another recommendation for you. Let us introduce you to 67WOWstang - your Mustang in Ibiza.

Your friends and followers will never believe the stories you tell them when returning home from Ibiza - so better take some extraordinary photos to show them.

Let’s be honest… you want everybody to be jealous because you’re having the most amazing holiday. What could be better to show off in an extraordinary way than posing with the ultimate classic American muscle car?

Haters gonna say it’s photoshopped.

Private photo shootings are also possible spontaneously and for a short or flexible duration. Of course they can help you finding the most Instagrammable locations on the island to create stunning content for your feed and blog.

Flex your muscle(s).

Visit their Instagram @67wowstang or check their website now!


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